Baby medicine


My son’s mother-in-law came by with my son’s 4 children. They are all cute, of course. The baby is just delightful, though. She is 9 months old, and busy crawling and trying to stand up. When she is sitting, she dances every time she hears music, including my singing. She is such a good baby and rarely cries unless she is tired. Today, when she got tired, I held her until she fell asleep. It took about 45 seconds.  Then I held her while she slept.  Bliss.  I think I could give up blood pressure medicine if I could sit and hold a sleeping baby a couple of times a day.

Cody, 3 1/2 loves everything Transformer. Today he put his Optimus Prime pajama bottoms on his head and told me his name was “Silly Optimus.” I know that probably only family gets a kick out of things like that, but I want it written down.

I made my 1st three ATC’s (artist trading cards) yesterday and today. I will post them tomorrow and describe how I made them.


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My blog is a potpourri of topics, artwork, and crafts. I am an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and I love teaching people how to make something beautiful for someone they love. I might post other craft and arts once in a while. I enjoy Zentangle Inspired art, drawing, and watercolor, crochet, bookfolding, and more. I live in the beautiful high desert (altitude 4250) of Arizona surrounded by family and friends. II do not mind if you borrow my ideas, but please do not represent my original work as your own. If you use my tutorials, you may share them with your friends or customers, but please include my website on any that you print out. My Pinterest page is, my Facebook page is Kristy's Stamp and Create. My stampin' Up! website is

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