Stupid, stupid diabetes


OK, I am finally starting to admit I have diabetes. It’s just another brick loaded on the medical issues I have. I have been pretending I don’t have it for the last few weeks, and my emotions are all over the place along with my blood sugar counts. I’m not an especially healthy eater and neither is my diabetic husband. The Metformin drops my blood sugar so low. I forget to eat sometimes, and in the past, that was no big deal. I binge eat sometimes, and that is a big deal. This blood testing is the worst. The doctor wanted me to test my sugar for a few days, but didn’t order a testing kit??? I am using my husband’s  for now. Fresh poking needles of course. I am testing on my arm because the finger test just hurts so much. He can’t believe I am not brave enough to poke my finger tips. The arm works and doesn’t hurt. I just have to wait a few more seconds for the drop of blood. Now its starting to show and I am going to have old woman red marks on my arms. Yuck. At least it doesn’t mess up my fingers and I can draw and paint.


About highdesertblue

My blog is a potpourri of topics, artwork, and crafts. I am an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and I love teaching people how to make something beautiful for someone they love. I might post other craft and arts once in a while. I enjoy Zentangle Inspired art, drawing, and watercolor, crochet, bookfolding, and more. I live in the beautiful high desert (altitude 4250) of Arizona surrounded by family and friends. II do not mind if you borrow my ideas, but please do not represent my original work as your own. If you use my tutorials, you may share them with your friends or customers, but please include my website on any that you print out. My Pinterest page is, my Facebook page is Kristy's Stamp and Create. My stampin' Up! website is

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