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Catching up after a long time


I have not posted on this blog for a long time because my life has changed dramatically. I plan to make the majority of this blog about my crafts, art, tutorials, links to great ideas, and inspiration. I want to  help you make something beautiful for someone you love, or for yourself!

But first, I will fill you in on the last few years. My husband began hospice care in July of 2015, and he lost his 4 ½ year battle to renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) on Nov. 29, 2015. Ever since his stroke in 2013, my husband and I had to make big changes. He had some dementia and lost strength in his arms and legs. His worn out knee replacement could not be replaced again, because his cancer was in his bones, and it would have spread the cancer faster. He was no longer a good surgery risk. He could no longer do the household chores, and with my disabilities, I cannot do much around the house. It was difficult, to say the least, for me to get much crafting or artwork done, between my chronic pain, the lack of organization, and overall chaos in my life. I devoted the majority of my limited energy and strength to taking care of my husband. I’ve had two spinal surgeries to reduce the pain from severe arthritis, and replace disks that have worn away due to severe degenerative disk disease. I also live with fibromyalgia, so my pain is constant. When I do work on my crafts, I can only do it in short bursts of time. I am having another surgery sometime this month, and I pray that I will get some relief from the constant pain.

After Ken’s stroke, we moved into my mom’s duplex, and she lives in the other unit. I have my daughter and her family across the street, so I have lots of nearby moral support, and intermittent help around the house. I am blessed to have my son, and two of my daughters and their families live nearby. The grandchildren certainly brightened Ken’s life right up until the end, and the grandchildren keep me laughing and fill my heart with joy!

And I almost forgot! I had weight loss surgery in March of 2015, so I could lose enough weight to allow me to have spinal surgery. I am down almost 100 lbs, and I still have some weight to lose. I stopped needing my blood pressure meds within a week of the surgery, and stopped my diabetes pills two weeks after the surgery. My motivation was for my health, and not my looks, and I think that is a big reason I’ve done well over one of the most difficult years of my life. I normally eat my way through stress, and I’ve been finding what I hope are healthier ways to cope.


I am back.



I have my little helper with me. She loves stamping, and I taught her to pat, pat, pat on the inkpad, then stamp on the paper and press down. She loves to glue things with her glue stick. She is three, so I occasionally find teethmarks in the glue, and she likes to put blue stamp pad ink on her lips! It is non toxic; I checked!