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Confessions of a Mother of the Bride


My daughter is getting married in May and I can hardly contain myself. I have been working on containing myself,  though. Containing myself does not come naturally. I always like to feel right in the middle of the action. The person who comes up with the best ideas. The super mom who will make the wedding perfect. My first wedding was in 1975 and I didn’t put half as much planning into it as I’ve wanted to do with my daughter’s weddings. This will probably be my last chance to be involved in wedding planning. I have settled down (in my mind, anyway) since she got engaged last year. I was in full-blown planning mania. Unfortunately, my daughter wants the wedding to be hers, not mine. I think I’ve settled down and I am trying to just help when needed. Sometimes Sally’s opinion of when I am needed is different from mine, but I am trying. I was there when she selected her wedding dress and I love it. I am making her invitations and web site, but she approved the invitations, and asked me to make the web site. I no longer feel the desire to be there when they pick the bridesmaids dresses. I just have anxiety that they aren’t going to get around to buying them. For the last wedding we literally ended up buying the bridesmaids dresses the morning of the wedding. That was after four failed attempts to get dresses for everyone. I learned yesterday that they are changing the venue for the ceremony and I accepted their choice without wanting to research it to death. I am beginning to admit that I can’t be super MOB and that I shouldn’t even try. I am so blessed to have a wonderful daughter with her own taste and ideas. I am more blessed that she is marrying a great guy. I did text her and suggest she watch tonight’s “Modern family” so she can see the best wedding ever! I hope she knows I’m kidding when she sees the light up dresses and ties.