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Button Flower


I drew this for a ZIA challenge. The basic outline of the big flower is from a coloring page and I drew and colored in the rest. I looked at picture of stitches on a sewing machine for the lines going down the middle of the flowers. Then I thought the buttons would be a nice addition to the sewing theme. I printed the original flower line drawing on regular card stock, so it limited the ways I could color it. I used markers and colored pencils. I used a few colored sharpies this time, along with my Stampin Up markers and Crayola markers. I use Crayola colored pencils for now. Some day I would like to get nicer pencils and more nice markers. I tried using pastels with a blender pen, but it just pilled the paper. I am anxious to do some work on water-color paper now, because the colors I can get are amazing. I never thought of using my scrap booking pastels with a blender pen until I saw it online somewhere. I have a nice variety of colors in the pastels, so I can’t wait to see what happens with those. At first, when I was coloring in this drawing my mom and my daughter saw it and each one said, “eh,” as though it wasn’t very interesting. It was hard for me to be enthusiastic about it after that. Now that it is done, I like it. Image