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Steampunk Swap



I really like the steampunk aesthetic, but i had a real brain block when it came time for this swap. These are a tryptic. I made a larger drawing and then cut it into 3 ATC’s. i used metallic markers on these. It was al little tricky because the colors I liked were wide. I also used gel pens for the metallic effect. It all came out darker than I liked, but since these were my 4th attempt to come up with something, I just didn’t have time to re-do them. I think they came out alright. I just felt like I could have done better if I had an extra month or two!


Buttons ATC swap


The buttons ATC’s were for an April ZIA swap. I got out my buttons tin and used them for inspiration, but added tangles to many of the buttons. The two ATC’s covered with buttons  drew on a larger piece of card stock and then trimmed them into two ATC’s. What is a two-part version of a triptych called?

Buttons ATC

Fairy Postcard Swap


Fairy Postcard Swap

We had a postcard swap this month. This is a 4×6 piece of card stock. This fairy ended up having a pensive look, but I guess that is OK. I just hope the recipient liked it. Once again, I used markers and micron pens. I used the aqua brush and blending pen with this one.


Quilt Pennants


Quilt pennants

If you follow my blog, you can see that I am in a pennant swap each month. For April the them was quilts. Many of the tangle patterns are the same as, or similar to quilt designs. I tried to use some quilt patterns and some that look like fabric designs. I used micron pens and Stampin Up markers. I want to get more marker colors, but I have to budget them in.

Try, try again


Borrowed the idea from the book Time to Tangle With Colors by Marie Browning

from oscillate by Sandra Strait

I made these on Shrinking film (remember Shrinky Dinks?). I had some technical trouble with these. Even though the person who is hosting this swap sent excellent instructions, I didn’t read them again when it was time to work with them. I didn’t start them until a couple of weeks after I received the blank disks. I sanded them, but I didn’t have the proper sandpaper. I was warned the Micron pens don’t dry on these, but online, it said they would work if I sanded them first. I should have listened to the swap host. The micron pens smear easily. I tried waiting 24 hours for them to dry, and I even used my hair dryer on them. I didn’t use my heat gun because it would have shrunk the film and we had to send them to the host so she could shrink them. Probably a good idea, because most of us have not used the shrink film before.

I also tried Stampin Up markers, but they smear easily and didn’t dry after 24 hours. I carefully wiped off the Stampin Up pens, even though the colors blended beautifully. I ended up using Bic Ultra fine markers and Sharpies. Now I know it is better not to use the two together. I had some colors in the Sharpies I liked and some in the Bics, but together, the Sharpies kind of melt the Bic colors. IAM pleased with the results. I sent them back to the swap hos tand she will shrink them. I will get two disks back from other artists. I would like to make more of these, and I have a whole package of Shrink film that I have been a little afraid to use up until now. I think I want to cut it out with the Cricut and then color them. I would like to try colored pencils because I can shade in the colors. I really like the dark blue and greens together, though. I will have to add the shrink film to my stack of projects that are waiting for me.

The one thing I did do right was drawing the design on white paper and laying the disks over the drawing. I traced them with the markers and then colored them in. If you use pencil on them, the pencil lines will show through.