Every year, when they review the past year, I usually think, “Wow, I forgot all those things happened THIS YEAR.” But it seems 2011 was especially eventful. The turmoil, rioting, and government downfalls in the middle east were astounding. What was the catalyst for all of that? The Gabby Giffords shooting struck close to home. She is our congress woman and I campaigned for her. I’ve met her. How many people have I met that have been shot? I can only think of two in my 54 years. The killing of 2 of our nation’s enemies-Bin Laden and Gaddafi(substitute one of the many spellings if you will).The tragic natural disasters were especially bad this year-Japan, Joplin…

But I’ve had so many personal blessings in 2011. That is what I remember. What can out rank having a new baby in the family! She is the youngest of many, many grandchildren, but we all rush to hold her when she comes in the room. We all get that special look in our eyes when we see her.

Musings about prices. I’m becoming one of those old people who complain about the price of things and remember when it was only $.22. When did the price of rubbing alcohol and peroxide go up? I guess when I only buy them every few years, that happens. When Walmart opened here about 15 years ago(or so), there was a peroxide and alcohol war in Sierra Vista. It seems like every store had a display of alcohol and peroxide near the entrance with their low, low price. The prices went ridiculously low. 25 cents, no 20 cents, hey wait, our’s is only 18 cents. I think it bottomed out at 11 cents. I just paid $1.29 for rubbing alcohol yesterday.

Crafts: My latest obsession is Zentangle™ inspired Art. I haven’t taken classes, but I have some books and I’ve gone online to get started. I joined a few online groups. I go overboard on everything, so I’ve already made some nice paintings inspired by the techniques.  I might have to take a break to work on the wedding invitations for my daughter. I’ve got to stop “improving” the invitations so I can actually get them finished.



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